“10 Winter Hair Color Ideas to Consider for Your Next Transformation”

Ring in the new year with a fresh hair color! We asked professional hair stylists and experts to share their top picks for trendy, flattering, and celeb-approved shades. Get tips and insights from industry leaders such as Jerome Lordet and Adriana Tapia of Pierre Michel Salon, Jamie Mazzei of NuBest Salon & Spa, and Gina Rivera of Phenix Salon Suites. Start 2023 off in style with one of these ten popular hair colors.

1.Costly Brown-haired Person.

The term “bronde” refers to glossy, healthy-looking hair with hints of warm, caramel hues. As seen on Hailey Bieber, this style highlights the best features and gives a lighter touch to darker hair. According to Lordet, a warm winter trend is emerging where people are opting for golden honey and caramel blonde tones, particularly for those with chocolate brown hair. This look is popular because it makes the complexion appear warmer, creating a cozy feel during the colder months.

2.”Sweetened Red”

Cara Delevingne’s rich honeyed, reddish hue at Paris Fashion Week caught everyone’s attention and it is expected to be a popular trend this winter. According to Mazzei, the color can be worn by people of all skin tones and undertones, with lighter hair like Delevingne. He suggests finding the best shade by analyzing your skin tones and undertones.

3.”A chilled Mocha coffee drink, typically made with espresso, chocolate, and cold milk.”

Imagine the beautiful colors of your favorite iced mocha drink coming together to create a new hair color that falls between dirty blonde and light brunette. As seen on Olivia Wilde, this iced mocha shade is perfect for winter and adds warmth to your look during the coldest months. To make the color stand out, consider adding gold highlights to the front of your hair, as suggested by hair stylist Tapia.

4.”Beige with a hint of gold”

According to Tapia, incorporating “rich gold colors” into your winter look can enhance your skin tone and undertones. Gisele B√ľndchen’s golden beige look is an example of this, as it brings warmth and draws attention to her features. If you are already a natural blonde, mixing various shades of ashy blonde can also give you a radiant, not-too-light and not-too-dark appearance.

5.Espresso with a dark roast.

Camila Morrone’s dark brown hair, reminiscent of a warm cup of espresso, is a great winter hair color as it accentuates eyes and cheekbones. This shade, combined with her face-framing fringe cut, is a fun way for brunettes to update their look without going fully black.

6.Blonde with a touch of ice.

If you want to achieve a blonde look with minimal dark roots, or emulate the Old Hollywood style, consider replicating Lady Gaga’s platinum blonde hair this winter.

7.Wine that has been heated and spiced, typically served during the colder months.

The deep red color of Zendaya’s hair evokes images of rich, spiced wine and velvety red desserts. As the weather grows colder, this bold hue takes on a more edgy and grunge-inspired appearance, perfectly fitting the chilly, dark atmosphere of winter.

8.Brown flax.

Recently, Camila Cabello debuted a new hair color on The Voice that captivated audiences. Dubbed “flax brown” by stylists, this shade blends cool and warm tones and can be easily worn by both blondes and brunettes, whether by going lighter or darker.

9.Blonde hair with a shadow root effect.

Gigi Hadid’s ash blonde shadow root hairstyle is a timeless and chic choice for winter. The subtle blend of dark roots into light blonde hair creates a natural and elegant framing around the face. It is a great inspiration for blonde hair.

10.”Chestnut Brown” color.

If you’re unsure whether to go for a brunette or red winter color, take inspiration from Salma Hayek’s chestnut brown locks. She proves that you can mix both brown and reddish hues for a unique and beautiful ombr√© look, perfect for the winter season.