How Long Does Brow Microblading Last For?

“The duration of the effects of microblading may exceed your expectations.”

“Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure for shaping and filling in eyebrows. The length of time that the results last can vary greatly, with some people experiencing the effects for up to two years. Factors that can influence the duration of microblading include the skill of the practitioner, the individual’s skin type, their lifestyle, and the products they use on their skin. According to Piret Aava, an expert in the field, the rate at which a person’s skin metabolizes the pigment used in microblading can also affect the longevity of the results.”

“Following these steps can extend the duration of your microblading.”

“To help your microblading last longer, be sure to apply sunscreen to your brows when you go outside, as exposure to the sun can cause the color to fade. Avoid using anti-aging creams, skin treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and facial scrubs, as these can also cause the color in your brows to fade. If you must undergo a skin treatment, inform the practitioner about your microbladed brows so that they can take steps to protect them.”