Right Eyeliner for your Eye colour

Eyeliner is the makeup tool that truly keeps giving. It can make your eyes look larger, more elongated, more sultry, or more innocent. It can instantly take you from feeling like you haven’t slept in days to looking like you got a full eight hours of rest. But eyeliner has another magic trick up its sleeve that you might not be aware of: it can bring out your eye color and make your baby blues, gorgeous greens. Jackson, a 4-time Emmy-nominated makeup artist and creator of the blog makeup provides top-notch tips on how to find the right eyeliner for your eye color.

Color Theory

You won’t need a master’s degree in art to perfect eyeliner, but knowing a little bit about the basics of color theory can help, according to Jackson. “It’s all about complimentary colors. And if this sounds like a different language to you, you can find fantastic color wheels on Amazon that make it straightforward to follow and give you an instant guide to understanding complimentary colors.

Complementary colors

A color that contrasts and complements your own eye color the most will help your eyes stand out, and these are the eyeshadow colors that do just that for each eye color.

Brown eye.

“Blue eyeshadow shades will make your eyes pop the most as this is a contrasting color to your brown eyes,” Jackson said. “Purples and greens can also look really vibrant and bring out the warmth of your eyes too. Although soft corals, golds and champagne tones can look so beautiful on a set of brown eyes.”

Hazel color

 “Purple eyeshadows will make your hazel eyes stand out the most, according to Jackson. “Although deep, rich burgundy can look great, as will a cool mauve or pink shade,” Jackson said. “A lovely charcoal/navy eyeshadow can work really well on hazel eyes too.”

Blue color

Think orange and copper tones if you have blue eyes. “Warm browns and earthy tones are also great choices to enhance your baby blues,” Jackson said. “You can also be a rule breaker, and use a mono-chromatic color scheme on your eyes, which, despite sounding counterproductive can also cause your blue eyes to look even bluer — that is, by using blue eyeshadow (or liner).” 

Green color

  “While red is the contrasting color to green, in an eyeshadow, a red tone can sometimes be unflattering and look more like a bruise or that you’ve had a big crying session than you’ve actually put on your best makeup,” Jackson cautioned. So choose your red tones wisely a copper or coral tone are perfect, or a maroon or deep red/brown. Even a pinkish red or rose gold tone will bring out those green eyes. Warm earth tones will look beautiful on any set of green eyes.

Ways to enhance the appearance of your eye color.

“According to Jackson, she likes to enhance the intensity of the makeup around the eyes, particularly on the upper lid, if a heavy lower eyeliner look is not desired. She suggests starting with a black eyeliner on any skin tone as a base. On darker skin tones, she recommends using a high-pigment white eyeliner as a primer before applying colored eyeshadow for a vibrant pop of color. Alternatively, a white cream eyeshadow can also be used as a base, but should be given time to set and possibly powdered for optimal results before applying eyeshadow.”

Jackson has a preferred technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyes, which she notes may not be suitable for daily use. She recommends using a couple of drops of Lumify Eyedrops in each eye after completing your makeup application. According to Jackson, this can quickly eliminate redness, brighten the eyes, and make the contrasting colors in your makeup stand out more.