“What is the proper way to wear a high-slit dress without revealing too much?”

Remember when we normal folk left the risqué, daring ensembles to the celebrities? See-through pieces, barely-there gowns, and basically anything Miley Cyrus wore on the red carpet in 2015. Well, those days are long gone because daring and seductive fashion statements aren’t just for the Hollywood elite anymore. This includes the high-slit dress seen on celebrity fashionistas like Rihanna, Lizzo, Megan Fox, and even America’s sweetheart, Hilary Duff.

But just because you’re brave enough to rock a high-slit dress doesn’t mean you’re down to have an embarrassing peekaboo wardrobe malfunction. The good news is, there are ways you can rock such a fashion statement with intention, only showing the parts of your body that you expect to show without bearing it all.

Be mindful of where the slit is placed and wear appropriate underwear.

Traditionally, leg slits in dresses were typically only on the left side. However, today, thanks to fashion trendsetters, they can be on any side, front, or back. When wearing a high slit, it’s best to wear nude or flesh-colored underwear if the slit does not go past the panty line. If the slit is very high and goes into a private area, strapless underwear may be a better option.

Strapless panties, also known as “Shibue,” are a real thing and serve as “extra protection.” Fashion stylist Dani Michelle has recommended the product, which is a washable, reusable, and affordable option.

Fashion experts, like stylist Naomi Isted, advise against wearing strapless panties as they can be dangerous and unrealistic for everyday wear. However, there are alternatives available for those who want to wear high slit clothing with confidence. It’s recommended to try strapless panties at home before wearing them in public to ensure they are comfortable and suitable for you.

Make sure your dress with a high slit fits properly, and use tape to secure it in place if necessary.

When choosing a high-slit dress, try it on and move around in it to ensure a proper fit. Walk, sit, and dance in the dressing room to check for any discomfort or issues such as riding up, wrinkling or pulling. If the dress feels like it could cause an “oopsie” moment with any movement, it may not be the best choice.

Even if the dress is skin-tight, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable to move in. “You want to aim for a normal range of motion in your clothes, including being able to lift your arms up or sit down without fabric straining against your thighs,” James Thomson-Sakhrani, founder of Style Standard, told Insider.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the dress will always ride up, which can be a little concerning when managing a high slit. In this case, reach for a fashion tape to secure the dress in place. Stylist Dani Michelle recommends taping “about an inch or more away from the edge” of the slit to avoid unnatural movement if placed too close to the edge . Fashion tape and strapless panties may seem like a lot of work for a dress, but it’s the price you may have to pay to look red carpet-worthy