30 interesting things most people don’t know about Jesse Plemons

About Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of Todd Alquist in the critically acclaimed AMC television series Breaking Bad. He was also seen in films such as Battleship, The Master, and Black Mass. In 2017, he was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role in Fargo. He most recently starred in the films Hostiles, Game Night, and Vice, for which he received critical acclaim. Plemons has also had a successful career in television, appearing in shows such as Friday Night Lights, The Newsroom, and most recently in the 2018 miniseries Waco.

30 interesting things most people don’t know about Jesse Plemons

• Jesse Plemons grew up in Mart, Texas, where he attended Mart High School.

• He was a child actor, appearing in films such as Varsity Blues and All the Pretty Horses.

• He has an older sister, Jill Plemons, who is also an actress.

• Jesse Plemons was a competitive cheerleader in his teenage years.

• He was part of the improv comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade.

• He starred in the hit television series Friday Night Lights as Landry Clarke.

• In 2018, Plemons received an Emmy nomination for his role in the series Fargo.

• He is married to actress Kirsten Dunst.

• Plemons has a dog named Copper that he adopted from a shelter.

• He is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

• Jesse Plemons is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys camping and kayaking.

• He is an avid reader and collector of books.

• Plemons is a certified scuba diver.

• He is a vocal supporter of the Me Too movement.

• Jesse Plemons performed alongside Justin Timberlake in the 2016 music video for the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

• He and Kirsten Dunst are also the executive producers of the 2018 TV series On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

• He is a huge Star Wars fan and owns a life-size replica of a Tauntaun from the films.

• Plemons is a fan of funk music and often attends funk concerts.

• He was a guest star on the hit series Breaking Bad as Todd.

• Jesse Plemons is a vegetarian and an advocate for animal rights.

• He has a passion for vintage clothing and often wears vintage items to events.

• He starred in the movie Battleship as Lt. Alex Hopper.

• He has a son named Ennis Howard Plemons with Kirsten Dunst.

• Plemons is a huge fan of the TV show The Office and often quotes it on his Instagram account.

• He is a big fan of the band Radiohead and is often spotted at their concerts.

• Jesse Plemons is an avid fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has seen every movie in the series.

• He is an avid collector of comic books.